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Red Bay’s Mayor and City Council: From left, Councilman Mike Kennedy, Councilman Jarod Massey, Councilman Herbert Trulove, Mayor Charlene Fancher, Councilman Jason Vinson and Councilman/Mayor Pro-Tem Brad Bolton.

The City of Red Bay is governed by a mayor and a five member council chosen at large every four years.

Appointed officials include a City Clerk, Revenue Officer, Court Clerk, and various department supervisors and boards.

Police Department personnel consists of a chief, seven police officers, four dispatchers and five radio-equipped cars. Three eight-hour shifts are maintained seven days a week, with full-time officers on duty 24 hours a day patrolling the streets in the city’s residential and business areas. Police service is provided for industries within the city limits.

The Red Bay Fire Department has one fire station equipped with two pumpers, a government issued tanker, an auxiliary van, and 21 volunteer firemen. The city has a class 5 rating for computation of insurance rates.

Fire protection is available at all times in the city and adjoining area.

The Mayor and City Council members for the 2020-2025 term include:

Mayor: Charlene Fancher

Councilman Place 1: Mike Kennedy
Councilman Place 2: Jarod Massey
Councilman Place 3: Herbert Trulove
Councilman Place 4: Jason Vinson
Councilman Place 5/Mayor Pro-Tem: Brad Bolton

Other city government leaders include:

City Clerk: Sarah McKinney

Business/Revenue Clerk: Jennifer Garrett
Court Clerk: Cindy Green
Chief of Police: Janna Jackson
Fire Chief: Bud Strickland
Parks & Recreation Director: Dean Hubbard

Assistant: Deborah Parker

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