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The Red Bay Water, Gas & Wastewater Boards operate the gas, water and wastewater systems in the community.

The water systems obtains its supply of water from the Ranney Collector Well, Well #2 and Well # 3. All three wells supply water to the Water Filter Plant.All 3 wells supply water to the Water Filter Plant. Also Well #1 is a permitted well that can be put on-line to give Red Bay an additional 295,000 GPD if needed. We currently have a daily capacity of 1,224,000 GPD. We have the ability to produce 2 million gallons per day.The average daily useage is 640,000 GPD with peak useage of 1,150,000 GPD. The system maintains four reservoirs and four tanks with the total capacity of 1,825,000 gallons


The city of Red Bay buys its power from Tennessee Valley Authority, and is distributed through Franklin Electric Cooperative which is located on Golden Road in Red Bay.

Red Bay has the capability of abundance of power to assist any industry in locating in Red Bay.

Natural Gas

The city owns its natural gas system, serving business, industry and residential customers. Natural gas is supplied by the Texan Eastern Gas Company, and is distributed by the Red Bay Water and Gas Department.


Red Bay waste treatment plant is a lagoon type system, with a capacity of 800,000 GPD. Red Bay is in the process of renewing the NPDES permit to a capacity of 995,000 GPD. Red Bay has renovated all 18 lift stations with new pumps, Telemetry and control panel. Red Bay’s lagoon has 21 aerators added to meet strict permit standards. Red Bay is reasy for future growth for many years to come.

The lagoon is located on the North side of Red Bay adjacent to Bear Creek on Highway 11 North.



Red Bay is immediately accessible by State Highways 24, 19, and 247. Alabama Highway 24 provides four-lane access from Red Bay to I-65 near Decatur, and is part of federal Corridor V, an east-west four-lane highway that, when completed, will provide four-lane access from I-24 at Kimball, Tennessee, to I-55 at Batesville, Mississippi. As such the only remaining portion of the corridor is an 8.9 mile stretch in Mississippi. When this final section is completed in Mississippi, Red Bay will have complete and direct four-lane access to both I-22 and I-65.

Red Bay is located approximately 20 miles northeast of Interstate 22/US-78, a major highway between Memphis, Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama, and approximately 30 miles Southeast of US-72, a highway between Memphis and Huntsville, Alabama. The city is located 64 miles west of I-65 and about 14 miles southeast of the historic Natchez Trace Parkway.

Water Transportation:

The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway is 15 miles Northwest of Red Bay which is the shortest distance from our area to the Port of Mobile, Alabama. This waterway has shortened the water route by approximately 800 miles and will be very beneficial to industry in this area.

The Tennessee River is located 45 miles North of Red Bay with port facilities in Florence, Alabama. The channel depth is 9 feet.

Air Transportation:

The nearest commercial air services are located in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, approximately 45 miles Northeast of Red Bay, and the Tupelo, Mississippi airport, approximately 48 miles Southwest of Red Bay.

Rail Transportation:

The Red Bay area is served by Redmond Railway, which operates a railroad spur from Corinth, Mississippi.

Health Facilities

Red Bay Hospital, an affiliate of the Helen Keller Hospital/Huntsville Hospital system, is a state licensed acute care facility. Services are provided by approximately 158 employees which include 24-hour emergency services, 24-hour licensed nursing care, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, diagnostic x-ray, including mammography, ultrasonography, and computerized tomography (CAT scan), a CLIA approved laboratory, outpatient surgery, and a swing-bed program which provides interim care.

A continuum of care is provided by the hospital through their home health agency, Community Home Health Care, which is licensed to provide home care to patients in Franklin, Marion, Colbert, Lawrence, Lauderdale and Winston Counties of Alabama.

The medical staff consists of 6 physicians with admitting privileges and 27 courtesy staff physicians which provide specialty care in orthopedic surgery, urology, general surgery, obstetrics-gynecology, neurology, ENT, pathology, radiology and anesthesiology.

Ambulance service is provided by Keller Ambulance Service, which maintains and operates a base station and ambulances in Red Bay.

The Generations Nursing Home accommodates eighty residents.

Red Bay offers the services of two nurse practitioners.

Red Bay Hospital provides home health through Community Home Health Care to residents in Red Bay and the surrounding area.

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